Facilities Administration Building

1503 Sunflower Road Lawrence, KS 66045

Main building
1503 Sunflower Road 66045
2 floors, basement, sub-basement

Power plant 
1505 Sunflower Road
2 floors, basement

Chiller building
1515 Facilities Operations Drive
2 floors

The limestone main building was designed by Superintendent E.F. Crocker and constructed by the Buildings & Grounds Department in 1906. A second story and entry were added in 1926.

The complex south of Stauffer-Flint Hall includes the 1922 power plant, designed by State Architect Ray Gamble and John Shea of B&G, and class whistle; offices and shops for the plumbing, electrical, engineering, major systems and maintenance departments; and the main storeroom.

Class whistle
Since 1912 a steam whistle at the power plant, originally used for student curfew, has signaled the end of classes. The first one was replaced in the early 1940s; that one “blew its stack” in January 2003. The new whistle was the gift of Neil Lintecum, a 1990 medical school graduate, in memory of his father, Dean, a 1955 architecture alumnus.