Carruth-O’Leary Hall

This building opened in 1955 as a men's residence hall and was converted in 1965 to offices and classrooms for academic departments including English, classics, and Romance languages.

Since 1986 it has housed administrative offices, including Human Resource Management, Institutional Opportunity & Access, the ADA Resource Center for Equity & Accessibility​; two shared service centers; ​and the comptroller’s, financial planning, purchasing, and budget offices. ​

It is named for two longtime faculty members who were KU alumni: William H. Carruth (1859-1924), who earned KU degrees in 1880 and 1883 and was a professor of modern languages, a poet and suffragist, and administrator; and Raphael Dorman O’Leary (1866-1936), an 1893 alumnus and English professor and chair. 

The first Carruth Hall was the original chancellor’s residence at 14th and Louisiana streets; it was refurbished in 1939 as a scholarship hall for men, later used by women. It was demolished in 1953, and Douthart Scholarship Hall was built on the site.

Carruth-O’Leary Hall

1246 West Campus Road
Lawrence, KS 66045