Stouffer Place Apartments

An aerial view of the complex of the apartments

Stouffer Place Apartments, opened in fall 2018 as part of the Central District development, comprises two buildings designed by Treanor Architects of Lawrence.

It has 708 beds and features either two-bedroom/two-bath or four-bedroom/four bathroom suites, full kitchen with dishwasher, and laundry facilities in each unit. Its budget was $58 million.

It occupies roughly the site of the 25 small apartment buildings for married students and students with children that opened in 1957. It retains the name of the earlier complex, honoring Ellis B. Stouffer (1884-1965), a professor and chair of mathematics who was dean of the Graduate School 1922-45 and dean of the university 1945-51. 

Stouffer Place Apartments

1835 Ousdahl Road
Lawrence, KS 66047